Vibratron: generalized electric motor

The Problem

Motors are needed for just about everything we do. We transmit energy in electrical form, then need to turn it back into mechanical form in most cases to do useful things with it. A wide variety of life saving technologies involve pumps of fluids and gasses, and all of these require motors. Industrial production with any automation requires often large numbers of motors, and relatively complex control of them. Moving goods around from one place to another generally involves electric motors, even if some other engine is also used. We need them for cooling, heating, moving air around, moving water around, moving ourselves around, and moving goods around.

Motors suffer from several of the pathologies of most modern industrial artifacts including:

To address these things, what I seek to do here is(again with a bullet point list):

Much of the above list is just re-hashing my list of requirements for free technology from my political philosophical work. But I restate it all specifically because this is the main platform on which I'm trying to actually implement those principles.

I have been documenting some of this work online in several locations, including Instrctables, which are as follows:

Also I have documented a number of motor parts and procedures on Youtube and those can be found in the following list:

Next Steps

What is next here is better documentation, and making a larger range of everything: bigger coils, smaller coils, higher current, lower current, bigger oscillators and smaller. After I have a much larger range of finished working motors with some documentation, the next thing will be creating various applications, such as vibrating blades and other tools for cutting and grinding for harvesting plastic, as well as a coil winder to use the coils to make more coils. Then another major research topic will be replacing the cumbersome electronics with something simpler and easier to build from trash. All my electronics for one unit can be bought for about a dollar online now, but that's still outside my design rules, and I need a design that involves no purchases of any kind at all.