Research Topics:


I call this a geometric "meta-language", meaning it is intended as a language in which languages are written, which uses geometric operations to create structure in space without reference to either a specific human language or specific machine language.

Roctal Physical Data Encoding System

This is connected to both Geometron and Action Geometry but is its own subject because it has such a distinct set of applications and potential physical implementations. It is a system for physically encoding data that is designed to be both human and machine readable/writeable and to be used for robust and free data storage with as little overhead and as long as lifetime as possible. It is the physical hardware layer to the Geometron self-documentation system that will be used for various artifacts I will be building which will contain their own description.

Action Geometry--Classical geometry modernized for practical use

This is a set of geometric constructions I have put together to help people learn geometry in a way that immediately helps with everyday life. These constructions are designed to build a foundation on which a whole set of technology can be created, eventually making up all the parts needed for a "technological complete set", which is the full array of technologies needed for humans to live for free.

Applied Modern Alchemy

In line with my assertion that the main future of science and technology is working on organizing it more effectively for practial use, I have gone back to the old concepts of what used to be called "alchemy" and used that structure to build a set of elements that can be used to reorganize modern applied physics in a more intuitive way. I have used the five "elements" of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Ion for this, and have constructed "elementals" and a set of technologies based on those which can be used to create a wide variety of practical devices and research paths.

Political Philosophy(Trash Magic)

My political philosophical manifesto(and action coloring book) is my book on the subject of political philosophy which describes how I believe humanity has gone wrong with how we relate to technology, science, and each other, and what can be done about that. It is available as a free pdf/ebook , and at cost(for about 5 bucks) as a 6X9 physical paperback book from LuLu press .

Shot Noise Thermometer

Shot noise is the noise associated with the random nature of quantum tunneling of electrons. It does not, in general, depend on temperature. Thermal noise on the other hand provides a very direct measurement of thermodynamic temperature. The shot noise thermometer uses a combination of these to make a self-calibrating thermometer which can be used for precision measurement of temperature at extremely low temperatures(between 0.01 and 10 kelvin especially). This was my Ph.D. dissertation topic under Rob Schoelkopf, and I've worked on it intermittently ever since then.

Superconducting Tunneling Devices for Amplification

Another application of quantum tunneling on which I've spent a lot of time is using superconducting tunnel junctions to build various amplifiers for high frequency electric signals(in the range of a few gigahertz). I still work on this intermittently as well since I've spent so much time on it that my input has been useful on a few projects. If you want a freelance person with over a decade of JJ experience to be involved in your project please contact me for consulting details.

Vibratron Generalized Motor System

In our current industrial system, we use motors for a huge range of tasks(pull, move, grind, vibrate, fly, pump, chop, etc), but a relatively small number of factories mostly in mainland China are the only people with the means to make them in bulk, the quality is generally not great, and the buyer has very little flexibility over how the motor works. Meanwhile, our economic system forces people to buy a separate motor for each application: blender, air pump, fan, etc. Also, the modern motor is based on very high precision machining, meaning any defect(and time inevitably leads to these defects) leads to a dead weight which is essentially unfixable and it all ends in a landfill, to be replaced by another motor made from fresh metal. I am devising a system of motor fabrication from trash with as loose and transparrent as possible specifications, so anyone in the world can make it for free, change it, use it for many applications, and repair it as needed.

At this point I have several versions which work and are mostly made from trash but still require some steps that need some advanced components bought from commercial sources. Active research is in scaling this motor up and down in size, expanding applications, scaling up production, and removing barriers to truly free distribution at scale.

3d fabrication technology from heat welded plastic

This is an alternative to either "additive manufacturing" of 3d printing or "subtractive manufacturing of CNC. The goal is to neither add nor subtract, but to transform a continuous feed of plastic trash into a continous output of usable products. In the long run the goal is for this process to be automated and to include robotics to acquire and sort the plastic trash, but for now it is just a set of techniques I have developed which I use to make plastic products by hand with a tweezers, candle, and HDPE milk bottles. This set of methods has been successful enough that I was able to donate my 3d printer and no longer use that technology at all for my plastics fabrication. It can also be scaled both down and up in size more easily than 3d printing, and is intended to be always free.

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