I am Lafe Spietz, creator of the Geometron language. Geometron is a system for creating languages, both for human-human communication and for human-machine interaction, and the main application at this time is for streamlining graphical communication in the quantum information field, although there are numerous other applications detailed on the main geometron site[].

LafeLabs represents the research creations of Lafe Spietz, the sole author of this page and creator of the works linked from here. I have worked on techonlogy development and applied physics in public and private universities, in startups including two I founded, with large companies, and with the Federal and foriegn governments. I found that none of these provided an environment in which it was possible to pursue the kind of technology I feel compelled to build. Thus LafeLabs was born as a way to put all my research under one roof outside of these systems.

As a matter of principle, all work I do is released into the public domain without patents or any other form of IP.